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Ouray Glassworks & Pottery

619 Main Street

Ouray, Colorado 81427

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970 - 325 - 7334

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10 - 6 pm

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About Us

Ouray Glassworks and Pottery was founded by Sam and Diane Rushing in 1991 in the beautiful alpine village of Ouray, Colorado. Equipped with a degree in chemistry and soils, glassblower Sam Rushing built his first studio on a side street in the heart of town. After six years Ouray Glassworks and Pottery moved to the present central location at 619 Main Street. Beginning in 2002, Diane and Sam created unique pottery with a beautiful matte finish. Some pieces accented with glass melted into it for a special touch of shine. Sam and Diane enthusiastically created their art and ran a welcoming gallery for 26 years. 

In 2017 Annie Quathamer and Andrés Marin decided to carry on the Ouray Glassworks and Pottery tradition in Ouray, while Sam and Diane retired happily. Annie apprenticed with Sam to begin to learn the skills and techniques of glassblowing. She has fallen in love with this intriguing and captivating art-form and is passionate to continue to grow as a glassblower and potter. Inspired by nature, connection with people and with the Natural World, Annie enjoys reflecting this in her work through colors, shapes and use. Annie and Andrés both create the pottery, upholding the distinguished style of Sam and Diane, while having fun exploring some new designs and techniques. 


Ouray Glassworks and Pottery is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

A visit to Ouray Glassworks and Pottery is a memorable and pleasant part of experiencing the majestic mountain hamlet of Ouray, Colorado in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. 


We invite you to visit our gallery whenever you are in Ouray. We also strongly suggest that if you haven't visited Ouray, you make plans to do so in the future. It is truly one of the most gorgeous mountain towns you will ever visit, with abundant opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Please call us or stop by when you are in search of unique handmade gifts or pieces for your home.

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